XTalks, Webinar

XTalks, WebinarThe clinical trial diversity puzzle: how can the industry do better?

The industry has faced the lack of clinical trial diversity head-on by working to improve access to clinical trials. However, making research accessible to underrepresented populations is only part of the solution. In this webinar, the featured speakers will begin with a view of current inclusivity data to lay the foundation for the discussion. From there, they will cover why the inclusion of underrepresented populations is better for clinical research and healthcare. The webinar’s core will be a discussion on how to reach and gain trust with underrepresented patients.

Improving inclusion in clinical research can be done with the use of practices uncovered by industry-leading experts. Expanding research within community-based sites where patients receive healthcare is a prominent way to provide access to underrepresented populations. Integrating into community healthcare practices and bringing new-to-research patients into clinical trials requires building trust with patients, supporting the practice/physicians with infrastructure to do research work and creating confidence in the community. The speakers will also look at how decentralized/hybrid trials ease the burden of participation for underrepresented populations while delving into how technology must meet those patients’ needs and what is required to trust that patients will use the technology.

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