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When JUICE Pharma Worldwide established the structure of its global agency partnerships, executives say the guiding principles were based on best practices culled from deep research and a forensic study on network agency integration – conducted with global pharma marketing directors and agency personnel worldwide. Many of the study respondents, who were working with large holding-company networks, expressed a need for greater cross-agency collaboration and network flexibility.

“We embrace the concept of a flexible network model, offering global best-in-breed partner agencies along with an open invitation to collaborate with any agency – or network – that our clients feel will best service the needs of their brand or franchise,” says Lois Moran, managing partner, CEO of the JUICE Global Network (JGN). “When the rubber meets the road, it’s all about like-minded, pharma-savvy professionals working together because they want to – not because they have to. We call it ‘next-generation collaboration,’ where the passion is palpable and our clients reap the rewards.”

The Year’s Accomplishments

The JGN has enjoyed significant wins that include the consumer agency of record assignment for Spiriva in asthma from BoehringerIngelheim Pharmaceuticals; the healthcare professional AOR assignment for SandostatinLAR in carcinoid syndrome from Novartis Oncology; the consumer AOR assignment for Ubera in vitamin supplementation from ProPharma, and the consumer/healthcare professional digital assignment for Kalydeco as well as Corrector/VX809, both in cystic fibrosis, from Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

The JGN has also added two new centers of excellence that enhance its growing and diverse marketing portfolio. Pulp, the strategic arm of the network, deploys high-level consultants to tackle assignments outside the purview of a traditional AOR. Through its proprietary 10X INSIGHT RESEARCH, Pulp identifies appropriate research tools and methodologies that unearth the customer insights that fuel meaningful messaging and impactful creative. Pulp specialty consultants help position, brand, and develop message platforms that optimize communications for new business units, corporate identities, and category franchises. Executives say Pulp helps clients achieve team consensus on critical brand milestones by developing and conducting a wide array of customized workshops attended by all global stakeholders. “Think of Pulp as your personal pharma taskforce,” says Lynn Macrone, managing partner, chief creative-strategic officer. “We’re fast, experienced, and powerfully effective.”

Another addition to the JGN family is Emerge – a center of innovative excellence with a mission to explore the emerging trends and technologies that can break through the clutter, and effectively reach and motivate customers into action. “Whether it’s helping brands launch a worldwide developer’s challenge or integrating with EHRs throughout Latin America, Emerge aims to create uncontested digital channels that meet even the most ambitious marketing goals,” executives say.

Structure And Services

The JGN provides local feet on the ground through partner alliances across every major market in the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions, including the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, China, Japan, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Mexico.

The network also offers global strategic alliances across multiple disciplines that include scientific education, multicultural, payer, public relations, and global policy. In addition, as a long-standing member of Worldwide Partners Inc., the JGN offers the wide-sweeping resources of the largest independent agency network in the world, with 85 member agencies across 51 countries.

Future Plans

The JGN continues its investment in the San Francisco location of JUICE Pharma Worldwide, established to address the needs of biotech companies on the West Coast that could benefit from having a greater selection of easily accessible, full-service global healthcare agencies.

“Opening the San Francisco office was the natural next step for our organization,” says Forrest King, managing partner, chief innovative officer. “We’re all about delivering the very best client experience… and that’s a lot easier when the core agency team is working on site, in the same time zone, ready to roll up their sleeves at a moment’s notice. We’re delighted to offer this level of service – and to call California our new home.”