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Quick Facts


  • Account wins: 2
  • Active business clients: 8
Triple Threat, Grave-Decisions

Finalist | Best Professional Print Campaign
Triple Threat developed this campaign to drive behavior change so customers reflexively choose Brilinta because it’s the superior treatment choice in order to save lives of patients with acute coronary syndrome.

Brands by 2022 sales

  • Brand-product accounts held: 14
  • $100 million-$500 million: 1
  • $500 million-$1 billion: 8
  • $1 billion or more: 3
  • Products not yet approved/launched: 2

Services mix

  • Professional 85:%
  • Patient/consumer: 15%
  • Print: 55%
  • Digital/conventions: 45%


  • Best Professional Print Campaign

The past year was one of growth for Triple Threat Communications (TTC), according to agency leaders. “While we deepened our relationships with existing clients and brands, we also gained experience in new categories,” they say. 

Recent accomplishments

Managers note several highlights for 2022. TTC was awarded agency of record (AOR) for a cardio-renal brand in 2022 “where we helped reinvigorate and streamline messages for nephrologists and PCP audiences.”

The agency also helped a biotech company prepare its new medicine for emergency use authorization; assisted another company’s emergence as an innovator in women’s health with a soon-to-launch contraceptive product; developed a new video program in the oncology space designed to educate HCPs about multidisciplinary best practices; created a campaign for Duchenne muscular dystrophy that targeted pediatric gastroenterologists and hepatologists with updates on new study data; and developed and implemented creative rebranding for a national foundation.  

“While we worked across multiple audiences in 2022, the lion’s share of our creative development focused on HCP,” executives say. “By joining consumer brand giants that leverage the latest marketing innovations, we helped our clients lead the way by harnessing the power of omnichannel marketing to create integrated ecosystems centered around HCPs.

“For example, for one cardiovascular brand, we leveraged insights and analytics to optimize the user experience on their website. We delivered personalized dynamic content specific to who is coming to the site, how they are arriving, and where they are in their journey. By personalizing the messaging to each HCP on every visit, we were able to drive the user’s experience through to conversion.”

Structure and services

Tim Frank, TTC

Tim Frank, owner and managing partner

TTC is a 100 percent independent, full-service, client-first communications agency, leaders state. Founded in 2005, TTC features more than 80 experienced creative and strategic professionals. “In 2022, we worked on more than a dozen pharmaceutical brands, several of which qualify as high-science categories such as oncology, rare diseases, and immunology,” executives say.

TTC – which the leadership team claims is “affectionately known as ‘the unagency’ due to its unconventional client-first approach” – sets itself apart from other agencies in experience, contact, and flexibility.

“Our members draw from a deep well of categorical experience that extends across audiences, channels, and markets,” executives say. “In fact, our team members average 15-plus years of industry experience on either the client or agency side, and often both. Having gained experience at big network agencies and large pharmaceutical companies, we know what works and what doesn’t. 

“And we tap into that experience every day. It also means that we know how to get jobs done the right way – an uncomplicated approach that reduces churn and eliminates much of the traditional self-serving agency nonsense.”

With what leaders say is a versatile operating model, “we function efficiently whether we are onsite or remote. Our
relationship-driven staff makes connecting with clients our first priority – through virtual calls, cell calls, texting, or in-person – whatever works best to get the work done. We know that our best work is done collaboratively – and regular client interaction allows us to anticipate change and adjust direction whenever necessary.”

And when it comes to flexibility, executives say many TTC team members have first-hand experience with big network agencies and have witnessed their challenges and inefficiencies. “Since the beginning, our unagency has maintained a relatively flat organizational structure that enables jobs to flow through the system smoothly. Because our teams are streamlined and efficient, our clients regularly benefit from our surprisingly fast response times.”

Additionally, leaders point out that a sizable percentage of the TTC workforce is made of talented freelancers. “This balanced freelance approach helps us stay extremely flexible – ramping up or down quickly to meet fast-changing brand and market demands,” executives say. “And because TTC features an adaptable model of remote working, we’re able to bring in the best and brightest, from Los Angeles to Long Island.

“Together, the TTC experience, contact, and flexibility creates a better client-agency experience. And key metrics help support this. With an 80 percent client retention rate and an even higher staff retention rate (92 percent), TTC remains an unconventionally special place where like-minded people share a love for building brands and helping clients.”

Future plans

Aaccording to the leadership team, TTC understands the importance of promoting diversity and fosters a workplace of equality. The agency is developing a program to ramp up its efforts to help clients communicate authentically with the
LBGTQ+ community. 

“TTC also plans on continuing to deliver unparalleled client service,” executives say. “We’ll accomplish this by doing what we’ve done from day one – putting client needs above all else.” 


Agency leaders say TTC supports regional causes and charities – helping feed the hungry and supporting those who are disadvantaged. TTC also supports the American Heart Association, and team members engage in events that support childhood cancers, breast cancer, blood disorders, and other disease states.