PHILADELPHIA, PA – June 10, 2015 – Veeva Systems kicked-off its 7th Commercial Summit with the launch of two major new Veeva Commercial Cloud products, Veeva Align and Veeva CRM Events Management. These new offerings help life sciences firms execute on sales and marketing goals more effectively, while keeping up with changing compliance requirements. Veeva Align is a global solution integrated with Veeva CRM for faster, more accurate sales territory alignments. Veeva CRM Events Management allows companies to better manage all events in coordination with the field, and provides full visibility into activities, speakers, attendees, and spend.

 NEW Veeva Align – The Right Alignments Faster

Life sciences companies are deploying new commercial models, engaging with multiple stakeholders, and operating in an environment of unprecedented change. In light of these realities, territory alignment is more critical – and more challenging – than ever. The current approach is slow, inflexible, and omits important considerations such as rep skill level, customer channel preferences, and existing relationships. The result is suboptimal utilization of resources, impacting sales execution.

 Veeva Align delivers more accurate alignments, faster. Powerful cloud technology captures and processes the volumes of data needed with unprecedented speed. Even the largest territory assignments are deployed in minutes rather than days. With seamless integration with Veeva CRM, alignments are rapidly deployed for field feedback and collaboration. And, as a single global platform, Veeva Align provides centralized management while still allowing for local needs and control.

 “Veeva Align executes the largest, enterprise-sized alignments in minutes, and is interoperable with Veeva CRM so fine tuning with the field is fast and seamless,” said Paul Shawah, Veeva’s Vice President of Product Marketing. “Companies will now have the agility to refine and realign throughout the year for a sales force that’s always optimized against a changing marketplace.”

 NEW Veeva CRM Events Management – Better Events with Greater Compliance

With many disparate, disconnected systems in use across event types and geographies, it is nearly impossible to efficiently track speakers and spend. Matching the right speakers with the right audience is challenging, and difficult to coordinate across internal and external parties.

 Veeva CRM Events Management is a single solution that helps companies plan and manage events more efficiently, compliantly, and in coordination with field and medical teams. It delivers a complete view of speakers, attendees, and transfers of value, and integrates seamlessly with Veeva CRM for easier, more accurate attendee tracking. Built-in spend management also helps marketers ensure funds are allocated to the right events while staying within budget. With visibility across all events enterprise-wide, Veeva CRM Events Management enables total transparency for greater compliance.

 Veeva CRM Align and Veeva CRM Events Management are the latest addition to Veeva Commercial Cloud, which recently earned the distinction of ‘Most Innovative Platform of the Year’ from PharmaVOICE. The solution brings together the rich data, compliant content, and interactions needed for life sciences companies to deliver a fully coordinated customer experience across channels. Veeva Align and Veeva CRM Events Management will be available in July 2015.