Rebecca Marani, senior VP, director of digital

BOSTON, April 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — VUE Health, a Boston-based pharmaceutical marketing advertising agency, has hired Rebecca Marani as Senior Vice President, Director of Digital. Rebecca has a storied career building and leading high-performing web and digital marketing teams for leading marketing agencies serving national customers in the Healthcare, Pharma/Life Sciences, Higher Education, Financial Services, and Legal industries. Her capabilities include business strategy, strategic planning, consumer & market research, brand development, product marketing, user experience, lead/demand generation, digital marketing, data & analytics, marketing automation, web/ecommerce, and customer relationship management. Rebecca will work across the VUE Health companies, including its cross-cultural arm Latitude Health.

In 2018, Rebecca was tapped by the co-founder of Evariant, a healthcare consumer and physician engagement company, to lead the SaaS company’s performance marketing division. Under Rebecca’s leadership, the division achieved record-breaking revenue growth and captured a majority share of the US health system market.

Rebecca believes in leveraging data insights to drive tangible marketing results and is energized by new advances that drive greater access and improved outcomes in healthcare. She prides herself on the long-standing partnerships she has made throughout her career with customers, colleagues, and business partners, and appreciates the opportunities she has had to collaborate with such a talented and provocative network of industry thought leaders, go-getters, and game changers. Marani states, “I am deeply passionate about women leadership and gender equality and am thrilled to be working with VUE and Latitude to help ensure that the right to effective healthcare is not dictated by economic status, gender, race, or cultural identity.”

According to VUE Health founder and CEO Kathryn Wilson, “We are thrilled to welcome Rebecca, a strong and extremely talented leader, to our team. Our vision is to approach pharmaceutical marketing differently, and she is applying her skills to get us there and take us to the next level.” VUE Health has nearly doubled in size since the beginning of 2020.

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About VUE Health: VUE Health is a minority- and woman-owned, solutions-driven agency that is dedicated to the pharmaceutical and biotech spaces and specializes in rare diseases, oncology, hematology, CNS, cardiology, nephrology, and women’s health. We approach everything we do from a unique point of “VUE”—and a big part of that is starting with scientific research and medical insight. From there, it’s all about how to best find, connect with, and move the audience to achieve the brand’s goals. What truly excites us are the unique challenges that each brand faces. From peer-to-peer communication to launch campaigns—and everything in between—our approach allows us to deliver measurable results. Our award-winning work, diversity, and unique benefit programs earned us recognition on MM&M magazine’s “2020 Best Places to Work” list.


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