Webinar by the Coalition for Healthcare Communication

Biden’s health policy priorities: Where we are and what’s to come in 2022

Kate Rawson

Senior Editor, Prevision Policy

Tuesday, Feb. 15, 12 pm-1 pm (ET)

Kate Rawson, one of the most insightful and practical observers of the health policy scene in Washington, offers the Coalition her well-informed analysis and answers your questions.

==What are Biden’s health priorities this year—for legislation or regulation?

==What legislative action is, or is not, likely to limit prescription drug prices?

==What are the strengths and weaknesses in Biden’s response to COVID-19, and how will he pivot?

==Which of Biden’s health officials seem to have real clout?

==Who are now the key players in Congress on health policy?

==How has the Affordable Care Act expanded—and will it again be a campaign issue?

==What are the “sleeper issues” in healthcare policy?

==An early look at the midterms

Join us for this informative 60-minute take on where health policy is headed in Biden’s second year.

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