Webinar on Improving Clinical Trial Performance – October 2015

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Media Alert: Webinar on Improving Clinical Trial Performance – October 2015



CRO Analytics will host an upcoming webinar in October, “QPIs: What They Are And How They Drive Your KPIs”. This webinar will review the key concepts surrounding clinical trial metrics malpractice, performance measurement, and Quality Performance Indicators (QPIs); all topics put forth in the articles promoted through their exclusive LinkedIn Series. Measuring QPIs, a revolutionary concept founded by CRO Analytics, offers the following benefits:

  • Speeds root-cause analysis of trial problems.
  • Pinpoints operational improvements that will impact your trial quality the most and help in avoiding deliverable delays.
  • Predicts and addresses trial challenges before they occur via in-trial alerts.
  • Streamlines alliance governance by utilizing a standard set of objective performance measures across all trials.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015 at 12:00 PM (ET)



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About CRO Analytics

CRO Analytics provides the only validated performance data collection system for clinical trials, providing straightforward access to reliable benchmarking, key performance drivers and predictive analytics in an intuitive format – making clinical research better, faster and less expensive. To learn more, please visit croanalytics.com.


About Performer™

Performer™, the biopharma industry’s first Clinical Trial Quality System, is a cloud-based software platform designed to improve clinical research by assessing clinical trial performance through a series of instruments developed over a two-year validation process. The online tools, which take less than five minutes to complete, measure the quality of more than 70 functional areas and professional skills involved in clinical trial delivery. The data is analyzed using a series of algorithms to deliver actionable insights through standard and custom reports to clinical trial teams, functional area leads, and executives.



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