Now that Pfizer has had two major deals dashed by government resistance, Pfizer CEO Ian Read says he will not be doing any more tax inversions.

Investors have indicated they support Pfizer CEO Ian Read and his strategies despite a second failed attempt at a big tax inversion deal.

January 27, 2016By Karl Thiel for   Not that you need to be reminded of this, but… For the stock market, this has been the worst kickoff ever to […]

After three weeks of speculation New York-based Pfizer Inc. (PFE) announced today that it was merging with Dublin, Ireland-based Allergan plc (AGN). Board members for both companies unanimously voted Sunday […]

Yesterday’s announcement by the U.S. Treasury Department of rules changes to make tax inversions more difficult, might stop the pending Pfizer Inc. (PFE)-Allergan, Inc. (AGN) deal, but insiders are indicating […]