The 2023 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting had implications for patients, physicians and biopharma companies. 


Founded in 2021, Bitterroot is built on the research of its cofounders and directors, Irving Weissman and Nicholas Leeper, both from the Stanford University School of Medicine. Their work has focused on the emerging field of cardio-immunology, which seeks to understand the connections and interplay between the immune system and cardiovascular health.

World Health Organization

The outbreak of Marburg virus infection in Equatorial Guinea has ended, the World Health Organization’s regional office for Africa said on Thursday.


Astellas Pharma will license and further develop a gene therapy from Kate Therapeutics aimed at addressing XLMTM amid safety concerns about its own experimental XLMTM treatment.

A class-action lawsuit from thousands of third-party payers alleges that the companies broke racketeering laws to market their diabetes drug Actos, while not disclosing its bladder cancer risk.

The company intends to carve out Sandoz in the second half of this year to sharpen its focus on its patented prescription medicine business.