Researchers at Cardiff University in the UK have essentially identified a new T-cell and its receptor that can search out and kill a broad range of cancer cells.

What originally started as mysterious cases of pneumonia reported in China and has since been identified as a new strain of coronavirus, the first case was reported in the United States.

Ireland’s Horizon Therapeutics became the first to win regulatory approval in the United States for the treatment of Thyroid Eye Disease (TED), a progressive autoimmune disorder that can threaten the vision of those afflicted.

Amphora has the opportunity to completely disrupt the birth control market with a new viscous and bioadhesive contraceptive.

Abbott’s shares rose to an all-time high after the device maker beat Wall Street estimates for quarterly sales on higher demand for the company’s nutrition products and generic drugs.

Johnson & Johnson forecast 2020 profit below Wall Street estimates and said increased competition for the company’s off-patent treatments could somewhat limit growth in the top-earning pharmaceuticals unit.