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Hamilton, NJ 08619
Telephone: 609-689-6141
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Website: rosetta.com

Quick Facts

Account wins 9
Account losses 1
Active business clients 25
Services Mix  
Integrated advertising 65%
Marketing strategy and insights 20%
Connected devices 15%

Client Roster

Align Technology
American Health Association (AHA)
Becton Dickinson
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Forest Laboratories
Otsuka America Pharmaceutical
Purdue Pharma
Takeda Pharmaceuticals USA

In 2013, a major area of focus for Rosetta was growing current client relationships by expanding across brands and driving efficiency through deep customer insights, technology and next-generation storytelling that work together to marry human benefit with business impact. “We are fortunate to have a number of long-term client relationships and are highly committed to growing these partnerships by working together to drive more powerful levels customer engagement,” according to Rosetta executives.

The Year’s Accomplishments

“As a customer engagement agency, our fundamental responsibility to our clients is to help them create more compelling touch points with their customers – whether they’re patients, physicians, sales reps or any end user,” says Shannon Hartley, managing partner and healthcare industry leader. “Engagement can be activated by gaining a deep understanding of the customer and their motivations to create truly personalized experiences that are optimized to drive maximum business impact over time.”

Leaders say the agency continually seeks ways to add value and deliver impact to clients. Rosetta recently became the first digital agency to achieve full certification in Internet Promotion and Social Media regulatory compliance from the Center for Communication Compliance. “In today’s evolving digital world, it has become more important than ever to have a clear understanding of current regulatory and compliance requirements. In the healthcare industry in particular, the stakes are just too high not to get it right,” agency managers say. “By receiving this accreditation, we are excited to pass along our expertise and the peace of mind that goes with working with an agency that truly understands the regulatory environment in healthcare.”

“We’re proud to establish a leadership position in the industry through an agency-wide commitment to digital marketing excellence, by requiring everyone working on healthcare client business to certify that they understand all current regulations and requirements,” Hartley says. “By filtering our strategic and tactical recommendations through a regulatory compliance lens, our programs become more actionable and efficient. Everyone wins. Our clients receive optimal counsel, and we increase our partnership value.”

Structure And Services

According to agency executives, Rosetta creates engagement between brands and people. Forrester Research’s most recent “Customer Engagement Agencies Wave” ranked Rosetta in the top two customer engagement agencies in the world. “As reflected in that report, our mission is to be a catalyst for growth and to drive business impact for our clients,” executives say. “We do this by identifying deep customer insights that create highly personalized communications and gaining a comprehensive understanding of the customer. By integrating behavior, needs, attitudes and interaction history we can drive more personalized and relevant engagements.”

According to agency leaders, Rosetta focuses on putting the customer first by breaking down the internal silos that focus on a single channel (e.g., personal/non-personal) and focusing on how customers want, need, and actually prefer to engage with healthcare brands. “Finally, it’s about ruthlessly optimizing and accelerating for growth,” executives say. “Engagement programs that are driven by POA cycles or calendar events are missing how customers migrate to adoption and loyalty. It is critical to refine program goals, develop test and learn programs and optimize in real time. Together, our approach delivers deeper engagement between brands and their customers.”

Rosetta’s core services offerings include: Marketing Strategy & Insights; Paid, Owned and Earned Media; Creative and Customer Experience; Analytics & Optimization; and Technology. In 2013, the agency shifted its internal resources model to maximize efficiencies while ensuring that the best possible teams are in place to support the specific needs of each client. “This has been a hugely successful shift for us and we continue to refine and optimize this new operations model to deliver the best possible outcomes to our clients,” agency leaders say.

Future Plans

To stay ahead of the curve, Rosetta is focused on developing solutions that address current and emerging trends in healthcare. For 2014, agency executives expect the influence of technology and changing consumer behaviors will continue to shape the landscape of healthcare marketing. The continued rise of digital and social media and other channels gives marketers many new ways to reach and engage consumers. To enable clients to drive deeper levels of engagement, Rosetta is investing resources and hiring new talent to develop solutions that can service the next generation of customers, particularly in areas such as do-it-yourself health/health monitoring; adherence; connected device; and physician relationship marketing.

Another agency area of focus in 2014 is its technology discipline. Executives believe in investing in technology, specifically innovation, which is the foundation of the technology practice at Rosetta. “Our team has been at the forefront of innovation and will continue to ensure it plays a major role in all future engagements,” agency leaders say. “This is evident in our capabilities around connected devices, with our focus on cross-device and cross-channel marketing. Our connected device solutions leverage the full suite of device capabilities, including the camera, GPS, accelerometer, projection, augmented reality, SMS, NFC, and mobile analytics.”

Rosetta is continuing to evolve and expand its strategic partnerships with market-leading solutions and platforms for content management, campaign management, social media, and commerce.


Rosetta has always been deeply committed to giving back and playing an active role in the community. Across the country, each Rosetta office has a dedicated community team that organizes events and activities to support local communities and give team members an opportunity to give back.

This year the agency held its first annual Community Service Days. New York team members partnered with the staff at Bear Mountain State Park where they pitched in with trail preservation and maintenance, organizing storage solutions and developing a strategic marketing plan for the park. New Jersey team members volunteered at a camp benefiting homeless children. Rosetta continued its support for the National MS society by entering teams in the MuckFest Mud Run and Bike MS events.

The agency is additionally focused on giving back to its own community. When a team member was faced with serious illness, Rosetta employees jumped into high gear to support her by setting up an agency fundraiser to help with the unexpected costs.