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The Pulse of the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Data Privacy Legislation Picking Up Speed: State and Federal Update

The data privacy landscape in the U.S. is continuing to change rapidly.

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New York Festivals Global Awards 2019 Competition Open for Entries

The 2019 Global Awards, now in the competition’s 25th year and celebrating the best work in Healthcare & Wellness and Pharma (Rx) Advertising, is open for entries.

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Benchworks Hires Director of Technology

Benchworks announced that Jeremy Shabtai joined the company as director of technology.

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Lonza to Host New Webinar – “Adaptimmune: Implementing a Paperless QC Micro Laboratory”

Lonza will host a free 60-minute webinar during which Adaptimmune Therapeutics will explain their decision to move to a paperless QC microbiology laboratory.

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TMRE Digital Week

TMRE Digital Week, offering insights professionals continuous learning through webinars, takes place April 30-May 2nd. You’ll hear the latest trends and techniques for delivering insights that drive bottom-line impact.

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Prof. Liz Topp (Purdue) Webinar: Accelerate Lyophilized Drug Development

This webinar will present a new analytical method to accelerate the development of lyophilized protein drug products and processes.

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2019 Annual Report: Healthcare Communications Agencies Overview – Another Year Of Changes, Growth

The healthcare ad industry continues to thrive and adapt to the new demands for relevance and creativity.

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Industry Persons of the Year: Calcium’s Steven Michaelson and Judy Capano

For many years now, Steven Michaelson and Judy Capano have been an example of agency leadership and teamwork at its best and most successful. They come from different backgrounds – Michaelson from creative and Capano from client services. And both, to some degree, exemplify the right brain/left brain, intuitive-versus-rational difference in thinking style. Yet, when the two of them work together, the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts.

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AbelsonTaylor: 2019

“For the last 20 years, we have consistently won half of our pitches,” AbelsonTaylor executives say. “A pretty good record considering we pitch against two or three, sometimes even four other agencies. 2018 was no exception.”

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Area 23: 2019

According to Area 23, 2018 was all about expanding the Area 23 brand.

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