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The Pulse of the Pharmaceutical Industry

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FCB Health Network Off to Strong Start in Cannes with Three Pharma Lions

AREA 23, an FCB Health Network company, won one gold, one silver and one bronze Pharma Lion.

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The burning question: Will there be a Grand Prix in Pharma?

After looking at the shortlist for the Pharma Lions at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, the number-one question on everyone’s lips was ‘Will there be a Grand Prix?’

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The State of Open Monographs

Digital Science launched a report on the state of open access monographs. The report addresses the question of how the company integrates and values monographs in the increasingly open digital scholarly network.

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Craig Romanok Promoted to President of CDM Princeton

As part of an integrated change in executive leadership within the CDM network, Craig Romanok – Managing Partner, Director of Client Services in Princeton – was named President of CDM Princeton.

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The Rise of Value: A marketer’s look at the changing Market Access space

The marketplace is changing. It has become cliché to say it. In fact, for years the healthcare market access space has been under pressure to evolve, grow, and reinvent itself – all while digging in its heels and clinging to a vanishing status quo.

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Market Access to Current and Future Rare Disease Treatments

Access to treatments for rare diseases depends on a delicate balance of a price that allows for the development of innovative therapies while also being considered “affordable.” A low price for a manufacturer’s therapy would discourage potential developers from focusing their future efforts on new therapies because of a limited return on investments. At the opposite end of the spectrum are barriers to access based on a price that is considered cost prohibitive; utilization is limited in an effort to control costs. The balance between these 2 opposing access decision-making contingencies will determine the degree to which patients with rare diseases will receive the treatments they need.

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Consumer/Patient Experience Special Feature: Return on experience

In healthcare, we are fortunate to have access to code that analyzes data and provides us with customer insights. As marketers, we can now understand these individual customers better than ever before. We know what we need and want to do when it comes to reaching them. But what does all that power and possibility do for them?

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Consumer/Patient Experience Special Feature: Delivering value in an era of empowered patients

The healthcare industry is ever evolving and today’s patients are far more engaged than the previous era of “doctor knows best.” Increasingly, not only are patients involved in managing their day-to-day health, they and their fellow patients, caregivers, and advocates are driving the progress of drug treatments from discovery to delivery as well.

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Consumer/Patient Experience Special Feature: Protecting the Patient Experience in the Age of Mega-Mergers

Consolidation has dominated healthcare news over the past few years. Mergers between hospitals, payers, clinics, and other healthcare organizations are turning an ecosystem of individual stakeholders into one dominated by a few giants.

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From Isolation to Anticipation: How technology continues to improve the lives of rare disease families

Working in the rare disease space has never been more rewarding than it is today. Technology is turning what was once thought to be impossible into actual, tangible realities for physicians, patients, and families. There are many exciting advancements happening now – in real time – and even more on the horizon that demand our attention and advocacy to help bring them to light.

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