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The FDA is planning to increase its inspection of drug manufacturing facilities in India this year amid growing quality and supply concerns, Reuters reported Tuesday citing an agency executive.

With drug shortages in the U.S. not greatly improving, the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Health and Human Services announced Wednesday that they are issuing a request for information to look at different groups involved in generic drug supply chains and evaluate how they may be contributing to persistent shortages.

It is the biggest change to existing medical laws in two decades, aiming to ensure all Europeans have access to innovative treatments and drugs.

President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday unveiled plans to relocate the production of key medicines to France to tackle shortages of imported products, ranging from antibiotics to paracetamol, that came into focus during the COVID epidemic.

The EU is revamping laws governing the 136 billion euro ($148 billion) pharmaceuticals industry aimed at reviving investment and boosting access to affordable drugs at a time when health budgets have been drained by the costs of treating COVID-19.

Eli Lilly & Co. said on Tuesday all doses of its new diabetes drug Mounjaro were now available with wholesalers having inventory on hand after a two-month-long shortage.

While many countries around the world have reported shortages of antibiotics as respiratory infections return with a vengeance after the lifting of pandemic restrictions, the problem in Europe is particularly acute.

The letter sent to the European Medicines Agency comes as antibiotics, including amoxicillin – used to treat bacterial infections and often prescribed for ear and chest infections in children – have been in short supply since October.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said on Wednesday there was a shortage of Adderall, a treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, following intermittent manufacturing delays at Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

Medical device companies and some drugmakers with manufacturing operations in Puerto Rico said they do not expect meaningful disruption from Hurricane Fiona, which knocked out power for over 3 million people and caused flooding and landslides on the island.