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Lawyers for a California man who says he developed a rare cancer from exposure to asbestos in Johnson & Johnson’s talc-based baby powder on Monday urged a jury to order the company to pay heavy punitive damages, calling its conduct negligent and “despicable.”

Novo Nordisk is the only company with FDA approval to sell semaglutide drugs. It said that the pharmacies are selling new drugs without FDA approval and claiming to compete with Novo Nordisk’s approved drugs, violating federal and state law.

Eli Lilly has agreed to pay $2.4 million to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to settle a lawsuit the agency filed, claiming that the pharma giant discriminated against older job candidates by changing its hiring preferences in 2017 to recruit more millennials.

Six U.S. states are joining the Federal Trade Commission’s lawsuit seeking to block Amgen’s $27.8 billion buyout of rare disease biotech Horizon Therapeutics, Reuters reported on Thursday.

GSK agreed to settle a U.S. lawsuit alleging its discontinued heartburn drug Zantac caused cancer, the British drugmaker said on Friday, preventing the first such case from going to trial next month.

Lobbying group Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America has joined forces with Merck and Bristol-Myers Squibb in filing a lawsuit against the federal government over the price-setting provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act, according to a statement released by the organization Wednesday.

Wegovy maker Novo Nordisk on Tuesday said it had sued some medical spas and wellness clinics in the United States for selling products claiming to contain semaglutide, the key ingredient in its popular weight-loss and diabetes drugs.

Bristol Myers Squibb Co. (BMY.N) on Friday sued the U.S. government in an attempt to halt the Medicare drug price negotiation program that analysts believe will involve one of its top-selling medicines, saying it violates the Fifth and First Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

The first hearing in a German court case against BioNTech over side effects allegedly caused by its COVID-19 vaccine was postponed on Monday after the plaintiff’s lawyer petitioned for the case to be heard by different judges.

A class-action lawsuit from thousands of third-party payers alleges that the companies broke racketeering laws to market their diabetes drug Actos, while not disclosing its bladder cancer risk.