New executive chairman for Enosi Life Sciences

Enosi Life Sciences, a drug research and development company focused on providing industry-leading therapeutics for inflammatory autoimmune diseases and cancer, has appointed antibody therapeutics pioneer Dr. James N. Woody as executive chairman.

Dr. Woody brings to Enosi more than 25 years of leadership experience in the biotech, pharmaceutical and venture capital sectors after reaching the top of Navy Medical research. He possesses medical and research expertise in a wide range of disciplines, including oncology and antibody therapeutics. Dr. Woody led the Centocor team that developed Remicade, the first tumor necrosis factor (TNF) inhibitor biologic, working with Sir Ravinder Maini and Sir Marc Feldmann. He will apply his broad ranging experience in biomedical research, drug development and management to lead Enosi’s development of anti-TNF therapeutics for inflammation, autoimmune diseases and cancer.

“Creating new and better therapeutics for cancer and autoimmune diseases alike requires creativity and a wealth of knowledge in multiple schools of thought, and hence appointing Dr. James N. Woody as our executive director adds a great deal of relevant experience to Enosi Life Sciences,” says Dr. H. Michael Shepard, president and chief science officer of Enosi Life Sciences. “Dr. Woody is a proven leader in the development of antibody therapeutics, and his expertise in multiple areas of medicine, along with his deep roots and networking connections in the biotech, pharmaceutical and venture capital spaces, will help Enosi successfully develop and deliver more effective and targeted therapeutics to the patients whose lives they could transform.”

James N. Woody

“We believe that specifically inhibiting TNF receptors has huge potential in addressing autoimmune diseases and cancer, so anti-TNF pioneer and collaborator Dr. Woody joining the Enosi team will enhance our capacity to develop these improved therapeutics,” says Sir Marc Feldmann, co-founder and board member of Enosi Life Sciences. “Dr. Woody has also led multiple biotech companies through acquisition, so in addition to his scientific track record, he has created significant value for investors and other key stakeholders. I have worked with him since the 1970s, including the pleasure of working together developing Remicade. We are delighted to have him join the Enosi team.”

Dr. Woody has also served as the CEO of MaraBio Systems, chairman of the board of Viracta Therapeutics, general partner of Latterell Venture Partners, founding president and CEO of OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, president and general manager of Roche Biosciences (formerly Syntex Pharmaceuticals), senior VP and chief scientific officer of Centocor, and commanding officer and director of the U.S. Naval Medical Research and Development Command, where he and his colleagues founded the National Marrow Donor Program, which provides matched bone marrow for recipients without matched donors. He holds a doctor of medicine from the Loma Linda University School of Medicine, and a doctor of philosophy in immunology from University College London.