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Account wins 2

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Brands by 2020 sales

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$25 million or less 2

Products not yet approved/launched 1



Interactive 80%

Advertising 20%



American Medical Association 

UroGen Pharma


Despite the limitations of a locked-down New York City home base, leaders at y’all say the agency experienced a breakthrough year in 2020. “As we began adding increasingly diverse clients to our roster in early 2020, we sought out talent and capabilities to solve for our clients’ needs – transforming our once-niche digital agency into a multifaceted full-service creative partner,” agency executives says.  


As the agency has grown, management says the dynamic creative and strategy team have added the last piece of the puzzle that enabled y’all to win a coveted AOR account with UroGen Pharma during late 2020. 

Notable talent additions to the team in 2020 included David Karl, director of design and video; Michael Fanuzzi, director of creative technology; Sehzat Oner, director of 3D animation; Marisa Ruglio, director of copy; Michael Steiner, director of experience planning; and Mike Foster, creative director. Significant promotions included Tracy Goldenberg, director of operations.

“At y’all, our rare technological chops, web-development savvy, and video-creation skills have helped us build and maintain strong agency partnerships, like our working relationship with the Broth Agency team,” agency leaders say. “In 2020 we have also added Splice Agency to our roster of partners, an alliance bolstered by our expertise in the development of virtual experiences for a physician audience.”

Alice Freda, Mike Foster, Aimee Janisch, Stephanie Lee, Michael Steiner, Alex Flood, David Karl, David Lubofsky, David Brungard, Audrey Mason, Marisa Ruglio, Sehzat Oner, Tracy Goldenberg, Moses Gunesch, Michael Fanuzzi, Andrew Lange


According to management, the team at y’all consists primarily of experienced leaders, which means the agency can offer clients small groups of select senior talent on any and all deliverables. 

“Our simplified agency structure has allowed us to triple in size in the past year without experiencing the traditional growing pains that would come along with rapid team expansion,” y’all leaders say. “We’re a seasoned group of creative technologists that are able to think strategically and execute on the minutiae. And our remote-friendly culture gives us the flexibility to draw top-tier talent from anywhere in the country – or the world.”

The agency’s capabilities fall into three major categories. “As agency-focused consultants, we help guide digital initiatives, including digital transformation, technology strategy, business innovation, new business partnerships, training, and auditing,” agency executives say. “As execution-focused creatives, we elevate digital output through user experience and information architecture, digital design and illustration, web and app development, 2D and 3D animation, messaging, brand strategy, and content creation, MOA/MOD video, and concept development. And as technology-focused innovators, we’re trying to change the world with AR/VR, artificial intelligence, wearables, facial recognition, and voice UI.” 


We are storytellers that love building experiences to help inspire and educate people – so the goal is to grow as large as we can without losing sight of that,” agency leaders declare. “We want to create work that is not just great for the industry we are in but inspiring to everyone, and that mission will guide us as we grow. We hire people with experiences outside our industry to bring fresh perspectives to old problems, so our future path probably includes more work from outside of our industry as we really push our comfort zones. If at the end of each year, staff and employees are grinning ear to ear, then we will push forward to the next.”

Agency leaders say they hire people with experiences outside of the industry to bring fresh perspectives to old problems. “With that philosophy in mind we are going to continue and push out of our comfort zone and into new industries with a fresh perspective. There are a lot of stories to tell and we are bringing a fresh eye to our clients’ needs. If at the end of each year our staff and clients are grinning ear to ear, we’ll know we are doing something right – and if not, we’ll adjust.

“We don’t put our people in boxes and tell them what they are supposed to do, and we will not stay in one either. We are here for y’all.” 


According to the leadership team, y’all is built with a core mission to devote time to philanthropic work.

“One way we have done so is by the work we do for Alzheimers,” y’all executives say. “Most recently in this space, we partnered with Broth Agency to create a new platform to help demystify your ailments – understandingdiseases.org – a platform built around the notion that understanding your disease(s) should not be so difficult. We created a site that is written in three distinctly different understanding levels and we gave the power to control those levels to our users. If you get to a block of content and it’s too easy you can raise the level up. If it is too difficult you can bring it back down. Our end goal is to help people understand these vitally important conversations better.”