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This year BullsEye Healthcare LLC celebrates its tenth anniversary year as a full-service, independent agency that focuses on finding insights and ideas and creating innovation for its clients. According to its leaders, continued acceptance of its business model has allowed BullsEye Healthcare to continue to add to its core offering and prosper over its decade of helping clients. The founding partners, Guy D. Dess and Al Paz, have a long history of marketing and advertising successes, and they say they share a passion for bringing a deep understanding of their clients’ issues to each assignment.

The agency’s mantra continues to be insights, ideas, and innovation that will help their clients achieve greater market penetration. As a small, full-service, independent agency the agency principals commit themselves to working with each client to achieve their goals. “Our brand of engagement, having the principals of the agency working very closely with the senior people on the brand team and immersing ourselves in the data, yields insights that clients say they don’t get from large network agencies,” Paz says. Executives say the BullsEye philosophy strives to find and exploit, or create, a critical issue in a given market in order to change target customer’s behavior and capture a greater market share for clients’ brands. 


The year’s accomplishments

Throughout 2015 BullsEye Healthcare continued its strategic work with its existing clients, including Alexion, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, and Portola Pharmaceuticals Inc.

BullsEye Healthcare began working with Alexion in early 2015.  Alexion is a global biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and delivering life-transforming therapies for patients with devastating and rare diseases. One such disease is generalized myasthenia gravis (gMG), a rare disorder caused by the immune system attacking the body’s own healthy cells. The antibodies in people with gMG attack the area called the neuromuscular junction where the nerves trigger the muscles to work and interrupt the signals between nerves and muscles, which causes muscle weakness. BullsEye has been working with Alexion to develop messages and descriptors for a new drug in development that that is currently in a large-scale registration study of a potential treatment for this devastating disease.  

Mallinckrodt is a global business that develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes specialty pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products and therapies, as well as nuclear imaging products. The company’s Specialty Brands segment has a growing hospital portfolio. Ofirmev (acetaminophen) injection is indicated for the management of mild to moderate pain, the management of moderate-to-severe pain with adjunctive opioid analgesics, and the reduction of fever. The BullsEye team continues to work with the client to help differentiate Ofirmev from other analgesics and develop a narrative for the Ofirmev value proposition that will fit into customer’s existing customer “world view” of analgesics.

Portola Pharmaceuticals is focused on the development and commercialization of novel therapeutics to meet patient needs in thrombosis (blood clots), other hematologic disorders and inflammation. BullsEye was engaged to help provide company managers with developing their intellectual property pertaining to the company’s two drugs in development, betrixaban, a novel, oral, once-daily Factor Xa inhibitor to prevent thrombosis, and andexanet alfa, a first-in-class recombinant, modified Factor Xa inhibitor molecule that is being developed as a direct reversal agent (antidote) for patients receiving a Factor Xa inhibitor who suffer a major bleeding episode or who require emergency surgery. The agency is currently working on the launch materials for this exciting and important new product.


Structure and services offered

Its leaders say BullsEye Healthcare offers a full set of marketing and branding services ranging from strategic consulting, advertising, professional and patient-marketing materials, branding, promotional materials to AD boards, and web and social network services.

To help manage the growing needs of its clients’ on-line activities, the agency brought on board a digital expert, Victor Lisewski. Lisewski has built numerous corporate computing networks, websites spanning a diverse array of businesses, and social marketing solutions. He brings a deep understanding of the need for seamless user customer interactions to every assignment and has a successful history of designing, implementing, managing, and maintaining web and technology solutions.

The agency expanded its agreement with an internet audience network development company that allows BullsEye Healthcare clients to deliver their message to potential targets at the right place, time, and price wherever they are within the digital landscape. “This is a very unique and cutting edge marketing tool in the pharma space,” Paz says. “It allows us to refine and optimize customer engagement, drive communication continuity and loyalty for our clients’ brands or services.”

While branding and advertising continue to make up the key components of the agency’s offering, including its proprietary BrandStory™ process, and the agency is adept at working across all communication platforms, the principals have also made a dedicated decision to hone its expertise in the basics, which they refer to as science-based marketing.

Agency executives believe that the advertising services market is supersaturated with offerings for branding, message integration, social media platforms and applications to enhance customer engagement. They believe that the rapid penetration and acceptance of these products has made them no more than commodities.

“These are all tools of the trade, available at varying price points,” Dess says. “The danger for clients is that there is a tendency for agencies to confuse their comprehension of the tools with their ability to understand a client’s problem and its complexities.” The principals at BullsEye still maintain their belief that high-level thinking and innovation is still what clients appreciate when all is said and done.

Dess and Paz maintain that the pharmaceutical industry possesses its own unique business paradigm and this fact should not be glossed over. The depth at which an agency can interact with this business structure will determine the value an agency can contribute to a brand. Each client, whether public or private, is held accountable to a P&L sheet and clients in this business have clear and definite marketing issues for which they need solutions. The agency has strengthened its ability to help clients identify areas of opportunity through the use of its proprietary ScienceStory™. It then applies its rigorous marketing analytics process to discover how to exploit them.

“As has become apparent, social media is not necessarily the answer to a marketing problem,” Dess says.

All the processes and marketing acumen at the agency is focused on allowing clients to achieve brand adoption at any point along the commercialization continuum. The agency works with clients who have products at the beginning of their lifecycle, in Phase II, all the way through launch and re-launch, and it provides management and strategic input for each step. BullsEye works with a dedicated core team of consultants and partners that they have worked with throughout their careers. Research consultants, scientists, and public policy experts help them provide the highest level of thinking to their clients.


Future plans

The agency is not focused on growth, in terms of adding multiple new clients, as such. “Our goal has never been to become a large agency like the ones we left,” Paz says. “Our goal has been and remains to be a boutique shop, grow our client’s brands and provide our partners with the ideas, insights and innovative thinking that helps to accomplish that.”