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The Pulse of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Purohit Navigation Inc.: 2016

Written by: | | Dated: Monday, April 25th, 2016

Purohit Navigation Inc.

111 S. Wacker Drive, Suite 4700

Chicago, IL 60606

Phone: 312-341-8100

Facsimile: 312-341-8119





Account wins             6

Active business clients          23


Brands by 2015 sales

Brand product accounts held          11



Services Mix

Advertising Print       50%

Advertising Digital    25%

Education                   15%

Research                    5%

Advertising DTP        2.5%

Advertising DTC        2.5%



Client Roster


Becton, Dickinson

BioCryst Pharmaceuticals

Capital Education


CSL Behring

Cutanea Life Sciences

DermAvance Pharmaceuticals


Focus Diagnostics

Gilead Sciences




PBN Pharma

Promius Pharma



Purohit Navigation celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2015, and its leaders say the agency stayed ahead of an ever-evolving industry by winning new business and significant awards in specialty brands.

“While the pharmaceutical marketing industry has changed dramatically since the firm was founded, Purohit Navigation has kept ahead of the curve by staying true to its vision,” executives say.

According to agency leaders, early in the company’s history, CEO/President Ahnal Purohit, Ph.D., outlined four guideposts to ensure her firm’s success: concentrate on emerging, specialized healthcare brands; devise sound strategy backed by extensive research; create powerful, award-winning creative that differentiates clients; and offer unparalleled client service.

“Today, Purohit Navigation relies on these proven goals to steer a successful course through an ever-changing industry landscape,” executives say.


The year’s achievements

Executives say smart strategic thinking goes into every aspect of the work Purohit Navigation creates. “We pride ourselves on executing strategy not just for strategy’s sake, but in order to really understand what can motivate behavioral change among our target audiences,” says Anshal Purohit, executive VP, strategic development. “Our campaigns and tactics are grounded in this perspective, which is a big part of what sets us apart.”

And executives add that this emphasis on strategy should be no surprise given that Ahnal Purohit has a Ph.D. in psychometrics, and began her communications career in market research. The firm even has a wholly owned research division, Fact Flow Research, offering unique methodologies to uncover actionable insights. Over the years, Purohit Navigation’s research capabilities have evolved to include metrics to measure a campaign’s impact. The agency has seen the demand for these tools grow, as their clients increasingly expect a higher ROI.

From its very first year in business, Purohit Navigation began winning a steady stream of prestigious awards, according to agency leaders. “But unlike much of the work in the pharma industry, the firm’s work was – and still is – praised as much for its strategic thinking as for its innovative creative,” executives say.

“The creative we produce isn’t just breakthrough,” says Executive Creative Director Monica Kanarek. “It’s smart. It’s informed by thoughtful strategic insights.”

Market development has always been a test of strategy and creative and – from the beginning – Purohit has excelled in this, executives say. “The firm’s past campaign for MetroGel is a good example of the powerful synergy between strategy and creative,” agency leaders say. “This campaign actually created the rosacea category, educating dermatologists about symptoms and diagnosis, and helping patients understand their condition.”

Executives say the agency’s “much-touted” HCV can be Cured campaign for hepatitis C was born out of key strategic insights about how doctors were treating the illness. The HCV work is a disease awareness campaign, educating clinicians and helping them identify patients.

Innovative tactics, such as a digital CRM campaign, website, and conference materials, were paired with traditional approaches such as a sales aid and direct mail, according to agency leaders.


Structure and services offered

The agency’s long-term relationships have been fostered by standout service, executives say. “Purohit Navigation has always been dedicated to going above and beyond to serve our clients,” says Ahnal Purohit. Each client is teamed up with one point of contact, who serves as a single source for all of Purohit Navigation’s services, which include traditional offerings such as strategy, print, digital, medical education, and market research.

According to agency leaders, experts in each of these areas bring the experience and dedication needed to take each brand to its highest possible level.

“We’re passionate about developing close client relationships that stand the test of time,” Ahnal Purohit says. “Clients we have had for many years ask us to help launch new brands, or rejuvenate older brands. And when our client contacts move to work for different companies, they often take Purohit Navigation along with them.”

From the very beginning, the agency’s management made a strategic decision to focus on specialty healthcare brands. “These are brands at the very forefront of the industry, enabling the agency to gain valuable experience in new therapeutic areas and breakthroughs in medical science,” executives say. “With proven results and an enviable knowledge of personalized medicine, Purohit will continue to bring smart strategic thinking and cutting-edge creative to the rapidly expanding area of healthcare marketing.


Future plans

Staying true to its original vision has helped Purohit Navigation forge a path to success in the ever-changing pharma landscape. After 30 years in the business, the best years for the firm are yet to come

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