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According to the agency’s website, most doses of Eli Lilly’s diabetes drug Mounjaro and weight-loss drug Zepbound would be in limited supply through the second quarter of this year due to increased demand.

Multiple doses of Eli Lilly’s top-selling diabetes medication Mounjaro (tirzepatide) will be in short supply through April 2024, according to the FDA’s database for drug shortages and discontinuations.

The persistent shortage of genuine glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor agonist products has led to an increase in fake versions, the World Health Organization warned on Monday.

According to a survey from August, nearly a third of U.S. hospital pharmacists said that they were forced to ration, delay or cancel treatments as drug shortages in the country approach an all-time high.

Sweden’s drugs agency on Monday asked doctors to hold off on prescribing diabetes drugs for the treatment of obesity, pointing to signs that a spike in such usage has left diabetics short of medication.

Novo Nordisk is diverting manufacturing capacity away from its older GLP-1 drug Victoza in order to cater to sky-high Ozempic demand.

Use of Ozempic for weight loss has caused shortages across Europe. Britain and Belgium have temporarily banned its use for weight loss to secure availability for diabetics.

The temporary ban happens amid a shortage of the medicine, according to a royal decree published in the country’s Official Gazette.

When Novo Nordisk publishes third-quarter results next week investors and analysts are hoping the company will clarify when limits on the supply of starter doses of its weight-loss drug Wegovy in the United States will cease.

The dual role of chemicals in both R&D and manufacturing means that chemical procurement is critical to keeping biopharma companies operating smoothly. A reliable and robust chemical supply chain is essential for both phases, as disruptions can have ripple effects that impact not just timelines and costs, but also the quality and safety of the end products.