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The drug, marketed under the name Imdelltra, is part of Amgen’s pipeline of bispecific antibodies designed to attach to a cancer cell and an immune cell, bringing them together so that the body’s immune system can kill the cancer.

Following strong Phase II data, Amgen is going all in on its next-generation obesity treatment MariTide, with plans to run a Phase III trial and a separate mid-stage study for diabetes.

Amgen investors eyeing dramatic share price gains for rivals with successful obesity drugs will be focused on any updates the biotech company may provide on its own weight-loss drug candidates when it reports quarterly earnings on Thursday.

Bristol Myers Squibb’s $4.8 billion acquisition of Mirati pays off with strong data from the KRYSTAL-12 study of Krazati, showing that the KRAS inhibitor significantly improves progression-free survival.

Sandoz’s Jubbonti will challenge Amgen’s Prolia for the treatment of osteoporotic men and postmenopausal women who are at high risk of fracture. Like its branded reference product, the biosimilar is also indicated for glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis.

Frontier Medicines on Thursday closed its oversubscribed $80 million Series C funding round,  which it will use to advance its potentially first-in-class next-generation KRAS blocker FMC-376.

The popularity of a new generation of weight-loss medicines is inspiring a growing number of drugmakers to pursue paths emulating Eli Lilly’s (LLY.N) highly-effective Zepbound, but Amgen is taking a unique approach.

Animal and early-stage human trial data for Amgen’s experimental obesity drug published in a medical journal showed that it promoted significant weight loss with an acceptable safety profile, the company said on Monday.

The regulator concluded that Prolia (denosumab) increases the risk of severe hypocalcemia, which may result in hospitalization and could trigger life-threatening events or even lead to death.

Dropping the potential Cytokinetics buy runs contrary to Novartis’ recent dealmaking frenzy, which included the acquisition of Calypso and three research collaborations.