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Quick facts


  • Account wins: 1
  • Active business clients: 7
The Look Beyond Stable Display

Winner | Best Experiential Campaign
Finalist | Best Nonbranded Professional Campaign
Even when treated with medicine and considered “stable,” people with schizophrenia still suffer from symptoms that can make simple tasks — like cleaning their room — an impossible challenge. So to draw attention to their plight, Humancare launched a furniture store in New York City over the holidays, with a twist. The showrooms were based on real spaces of real people living with schizophrenia. Instead of pristine, beautifully organized displays, everything was in chaos, immersing visitors in the day-to-day struggle of people with this condition.

Brands by 2023 sales

  • Brand-product accounts held: 10
  • $25 million or less: 2
  • $100 million-$500 million: 2
  • $1 billion or more: 3
  • Products not yet approved/launched: 2

Services mix

  • HCP: 50%
  • DTC: 50%

Client roster

  • Alexion
  • Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Janssen
  • Jazz Pharmaceuticals
  • Madrigal
  • Relief Therapeutics


  • Best Experiential Campaign


  • Best Consumer Digital Campaign
  • Best Nonbranded Professional Campaign

“We’re an agency that goes beyond simply calling them physicians, caregivers, or patients – they’re moms, dads, children, family, problem solvers, hope-givers…and they are the single most important reason we get out of bed in the morning,” leaders at Humancare state. “And, we recognize that individuals aren’t data points — but uniquely understand that data certainly points us in the direction of human behavior. Data allows us to ask the deeper questions that result in true change and meaningful action. We focus on the human in all of us, because when we keep human at the center of everything we do, something changes. For us, it’s more than health care. It’s Humancare.”

Recent accomplishments

“We’re twice as old this year. And twice as big,” agency leaders say. The team at Humancare grew to 90 in 2023, and billings doubled.

In 2023, the agency was named one of MM+M’s Best Places to Work. “Pretty remarkable considering we weren’t even a ‘place to work’ until June 2022,” the leadership team says, with Co-Managing Directors Greg Lao and Lauren Cohen crediting a culture that has been embraced by clients and employees alike.    

According to Cohen, “What we do matters. We are responsible for introducing life-
changing medicines to the people who need them most — using groundbreaking, behavior-
changing creative, we can inspire healthy change at a global level.”

Leaders say the agency’s work in 2023 stood out across categories and media.  For Boehringer Ingelheim, Humancare created a live installation, “Look Beyond Stable,” a pop-up furniture store that displayed the chaos and everyday realities of living with schizophrenia.   

One of the agency’s highest-visibility DTC campaigns of 2023 was the “Found It” campaign for Sotyktu. The campaign debuted on the Super Bowl, Grammys, and Academy Awards. Humancare also launched an integrated DTC and HCP campaign for a next-generation targeted therapy for ROS 1+ non-small cell lung cancer, and debuted an unbranded campaign for NASH in preparation for what executives call one of the most anticipated launches of 2024.

Structure and services

“At Humancare, we don’t merely reach audiences, we connect with individuals – in meaningful, relatable, fundamentally human ways,” according to the leadership team. “Again, our culture drives our output. We are a highly collaborative, integrated, and agile group. Our capabilities span strategy, engagement strategy, medical strategy, data analytics, and behavioral sciences, and all of these are made more powerful and efficient because we value contribution and engagement regardless of title or department.    

“With especially strong integrated digital teams, we’re able to craft and execute resonant, compelling experiences that meet our audiences where they are, emotionally, physically, or virtually.”     

According to leaders, Humancare’s portfolio uniquely spans an equal measure of large high-visibility mass media driven DTC brands and well as a high-science HCP brands. But as Cohen says, “To us it’s all DTH – direct to human.” 

As a member of the IPG Health network, leaders say Humancare is also able to rapidly and efficiently tap into an expansive array of specialty services and capabilities from branding design to data science and advanced analytics, executives say. Overseeing multiple agencies, Group President Tammy Fischer “brings her longstanding and diverse leadership experience to bear as she facilitates smooth and effective integration of resources across the IPG Health network with Humancare,” executives say.

Future plans

“Having surpassed multi-year goals in growth, staff, culture, and impact in just 18 months, it’s fair to say that our future plans are ambitious,” agency leaders declare. “But we feel an obligation to be deliberate as we grow and stretch. Part of that means ensuring that our culture continues to thrive and become self-sustaining. We expect to see our culture continue to manifest itself in new business and organic growth, unexpected creative, and positive impact.

“More concretely, 2024 will see Humancare launching some of the most innovative and transformative treatments in human history.”

The leadership team states the agency is “deeply committed” to the responsible assimilation of AI. “We wholeheartedly embrace the power of AI to extend and enhance our capabilities, and we’re eager, early adopters of technology that can help us connect our brands with the audiences who need to know about them – but we’re also very cognizant of creating and maintaining genuine human connections.   

Executives say Humancare will be moving into new office space in 2024.


In 2023, Humancare team members undertook initiatives to help improve the lives of people around the world. “From flying cancer patients to treatment via Angel Flight West to helping people find the right clinical trials, to manning the NYC Suicide Prevention/Crisis hotline, to working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation helping kids conjure their wildest dreams, to building multi-use, adaptive trails proving outdoor enthusiasts a means to exercise, our focus on human extends beyond our work lives,” leaders say.

“From the work we create to the ways we create it, Humancare embraces diversity and inclusion. Patients, consumers and HCPs see themselves in the work we create every day. We’re proud to implement IPG Health’s first-in-industry, proprietary framework, inQ (Inclusion Intelligence Quotient) to help create inclusive experiences throughout our work, leading to more authentic and meaningful interactions for our audience.”


Lauren Cohen, executive VP and managing director; Greg Lao, executive VP and managing director