Justin Chase, executive vice president of media, EVERSANA INTOUCH discusses trends in social media how healthcare communicators can leverage different platforms to build stronger relationships with patients and HCPs.

Why your “commitment to listening” is not enough for communities facing public health emergencies.

Evofem’s bold campaign surrounding the first hormone-free contraception gel for women helped the company bring home leading industry awards and elevated Phexxi to the top prescription brand in the 2022 OCI. Katherine Atkinson, chief commercial officer at Evofem Biosciences, walked Med Ad Newsthrough the company’s conceptual journey of the campaign and what it meant to give women more control over their bodies – and their sexual and reproductive health.

With technologies rapidly diversifying and cell and gene therapies (C&GTs) gaining recognition among patient groups as treatments with immense curative potential, there are clear opportunities for marketers to differentiate from existing, often palliative, approaches to care. Ben Beckley, president at Evoke Mind+Matter, an Inizio company, explores why it’s more important than ever to stand out in the market and looks at some of the opportunities on the horizon for C&GT developers.