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Part V: Cost pressures, increasing value while improving health outcomes, and leveraging real-world evidence are top of mind.

The Chamber of Commerce has asked for a preliminary injunction to halt the program before Oct. 1, the deadline for pharma companies to agree to Medicare negotiations on pricing for the first 10 drugs.

The U.S. health department proposed on Tuesday three new pilot projects aimed at lowering prescription drug prices for people enrolled in government health insurance plans, including offering some essential generic drugs for $2 a month.

An ECRI report identifies reasons medications have been under-utilized and urges action to help combat America’s obesity epidemic.

As early as 2023, pharmaceutical manufacturers and payers will have to contend with one of the more imminent potential impacts of the law: inflationary rebates for Medicare utilization.

Swiss pharma giant Novartis said it would make growth in the United States its top geographic priority, even after laws were passed to rein in drug prices in the world’s largest pharmaceutical market.