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Artificial intelligence is on the cusp of drastically changing how we access information and the industry behind it. Since the launch of Google in the mid-’90s, when people needed to ask a question or find information they jumped to a search engine. While we have come a long way from the original 10 blue links, the search industry has not seen such a watershed moment in its lifespan, as it does now. 

The healthcare industry currently generates about 30 percent of the world’s data volume and that number is expanding rapidly, reaching an annual growth rate of 36 percent by next year. The life sciences are a major contributor to the expansion of the healthcare industry’s data, with a market growth rate of 11 percent up until 2032. In particular, drug development and monitoring continue to expand as the volume of information and variety of sources used in data collection increase. Organizations are now challenged with not only gathering and collecting data but also validating potential safety events.

H4B Chelsea President Violet Aldaia was recently elected the new board chair of the Coalition for Healthcare Communication (CHC). Med Ad News spoke with Aldaia to get a quick take on the issues she feels are most important for CHC to address this year.

Published: May 08, 2024 By Neil Versel BioSpace Xaira Therapeutics launched April 23 with $1 billion behind it to apply artificial intelligence to drug discovery and development. It was the largest […]

By not only tackling high costs but also elevating patient experiences by enhancing efficiency and outcomes, this technology stands ready to revolutionize many aspects of the industry, says GlobalData.

Indegene, a digital-first, life sciences commercialization company, announced the acquisition of Trilogy Writing & Consulting GmbH (Trilogy), a global provider of specialty medical writing capabilities across clinical, regulatory, safety and medical content to life sciences companies. The acquisition by Indegene Ireland, a subsidiary of Indegene Limited, augments Indegene’s depth of clinical and regulatory writing expertise for market authorization applications globally.

By nearly unanimous consent artificial intelligence reached an inflection point for pharma marketers in 2023. The question of how best to take advantage of this new tool to support brands and help patients, though, remains to be seen.

Short- and long-term use cases recommended by experts.

As we step into 2024, the realm of market access undergoes dynamic shifts influenced by technological advancements, policy changes, and evolving consumer behaviors. There are the usual suspects like evolving provider models, the continued transition to value-based care, and pharma and biotech companies’ increased investment in “access,” but there are two trends that are at the top of the “what we’re watching” list for 2024.

How pharma companies can communicate effectively in today’s evolving marketplace and why it is the right time to embrace our humanity when engaging various stakeholders along the product, patient, and reimbursement/coverage journeys.