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H4B Chelsea President Violet Aldaia was recently elected the new board chair of the Coalition for Healthcare Communication (CHC). Med Ad News spoke with Aldaia to get a quick take on the issues she feels are most important for CHC to address this year.

In the sea of content today, customers – HCPs and consumers alike – are overwhelmed with information. This content might be reaching them, but not effectively resonating and activating them to change behaviors. Cutting through this noise requires creative effectiveness that can only happen by harnessing the right data, technology and AI to drive next level audience understanding and as such, next level engagement.

The move sets a new standard for measurement solutions and advanced analytics in healthcare advertising.

If you’re a student of history – or recently saw the popular movie “Oppenheimer”, you know just how pivotal of a figure J. Robert Oppenheimer is. He is forever linked to the development of one of the most powerful and dangerous creations in history – the atomic bomb. Drawing parallels to artificial intelligence, Faruk Capan of EVERSANA explains the ethical and societal impacts of the technology.

For the sixteenth year, MedAdNews has chosen a group of new Pharmaceutical Marketing Ventures to Watch that could change the way pharmaceutical products are marketed and sold.

Pharmacovigilance translations must be done carefully, as the accuracy of translated documents has a direct impact on information evaluation and patient health and well-being. However, with volumes of non-English source documents increasing, the speed at which these translations are completed is also crucial, as any delays in communication can lead to serious consequences, such as harm to patients, legal liability, and missed regulatory deadlines for adverse event reporting.

“Separately, Wunderman Thompson and VMLY&R are two of WPP’s strongest and best-performing agencies. Together, they will deliver an even wider, fully integrated suite of capabilities to our clients in every market. Marketers today expect seamless links between their brand advertising and technology solutions and platforms,” said WPP CEO Mark Read. “VML provides an immediate solution to this business imperative.”

A proven technology leader and decorated military veteran, Sparks is responsible for the global enterprise’s IT operations across 25 locations, serving more than 650 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide.

Today, agency execs and junior art directors alike are exploring how generative AI can expand their creative product, improve their technological prowess, and increase efficiency in order to set them apart from the competition.

SXSW takes a pulse on what is hot in technology and popular culture for the coming year, and several trends emerged that pharma can begin working with now. Here’s what we saw at SXSW and what you need to know about it.