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UK cost watchdog recommends Novartis’ blindness therapy Luxturna

Novartis AG’s gene therapy Luxturna for blindness is recommended for use on England’s public health service, according to the country’s healthcare cost-effectiveness watchdog NICE.

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Opioids crisis has spread beyond United States: OECD

Opioid use has reached crisis proportions not only in the United States but also in Canada and some European countries, as prescription opioid painkillers have become much more common, the OECD club of wealthy nations said.

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NHS England, Biogen reach deal on pricey drug for deadly disorder

England’s National Health Service reached a deal to pay for U.S. drugmaker Biogen Inc.’s expensive spinal muscle atrophy treatment Spinraza.

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Novartis cancer therapy wins UK backing after initial lymphoma snub

Novartis’ Kymriah won the blessing of health authorities in England for adult lymphoma patients, the Swiss drugmaker said, reversing the 2018 rejection of the cell therapy.

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Survey Indicates Healthcare Professionals Have a Dim View of Post-Brexit Britain

A new report indicates that the so-called “Brexit” will have a negative impact on healthcare in the United Kingdom.

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Study Shows Drugs on FDA Shortage List Are Likely to See Price Hikes

According to a drug shortage list provided by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, there have been more than 100 drugs that have faced shortages during 2018.

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Novartis to cut 2,550 jobs in Switzerland, UK

Novartis will cut 2,550 jobs in Switzerland and Britain over four years as the Swiss drugmaker strives to boost profits and focus on new medicines.

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Ashfield Healthcare Communications to open office in Manchester

Ashfield Healthcare Communications is set to expand its business further by opening an office in the heart of Manchester, UK.

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AstraZeneca to stockpile drugs as Brexit ‘safety net’

AstraZeneca is increasing stockpiles of those medicines in Britain and Europe that could be affected by Brexit by around 20 percent, in preparation for potential disruption if the UK crashes out of the EU without a deal.

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Bayer, Novartis clash with UK doctors over use of cheap eye drug

Bayer is weighing legal action and Novartis has expressed concern at plans by doctors in the north of England to defy official guidance by using a cancer medicine as a cheap eye drug.

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