Eli Lilly will add 100 jobs to the company’s manufacturing facilities at the Lilly Technology Center campus in Indianapolis.

Switzerland-based Roche announced a strong second quarterly report with a 7 percent increase in group sales for the first half of 2018 and a 20 percent increase in its core EPS.

While many of us from blue states and urban bubbles fret over some of the actions of President Donald Trump, it’s good to take a clear-eyed view of whether or not Trump and this administration has been good for the medical marketing industries. Moreover, it’s useful to consider how a “blue wave” in the midterm elections might change the dynamic.

The passing of tax reform led most analysts to predict that 2018 will be a strong year for mergers and acquisitions. Yet, despite what appears like a good start to the year, not all companies are jumping immediately on the M&A bandwagon.

According to the consultants at PwC, the top health industry issues of 2018 will be …