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David Chapman and Steven Michaelson will be honored by the organization at its annual awards dinner, set for February 4, 2024 in New York City.

The recognition highlights the company’s leadership in artificial intelligence-assisted video production to develop a series of educational content videos to support a client’s need.

The top pharmaceutical companies and brands in this year’s Outcomes Creativity Index elevated their messaging by breaking down barriers, debunking myths and giving patients a stronger voice.

HBA’s Advancement. Commitment. Engagement. (ACE) Awards recognize companies committed to ensuring that gender diversity and leadership opportunities for women are part of their organizational DNA. The awards will be presented on Thursday, 3 November, in conjunction with HBA’s Annual Conference in Philadelphia.

FCB Health wins Healthcare Network of the Year, AREA 23 wins Healthcare Agency of the Year and notches Health Grand Prix for Good.

The program celebrates creative excellence in the highly specialized fields of health and wellness.