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How Can We Engage Patients and Physicians in the “Next Big Thing?”

Looking past COVID, the medical world is in turmoil. It’s hard enough for us in manufacturing and marketing to keep up with innovative technologies. Patients and caregivers have it especially tough since they are on the brunt end of disruptive innovations. Every day, patients face a ceaseless onslaught of sort of truths, half-truths, and flat-out lies about their healthcare, and HCPs no sooner graduate from med school than they discover much of their training is obsolete. Flaum Navigators Principal Sander A. Flaum explores how we can engage patients and physicians in the “Next Big Thing.”

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Q&A with Liz Kane of Ogilvy Health

Ogilvy Health hired industry strategist Liz Kane to lead the agency’s Insights, Brand and Medical Strategy offerings. In a Q&A with Med Ad News magazine, Kane shared insights from what she brings to the agency from her 20-year career, including as head of brand strategy at Havas Life, where she led efforts for Pfizer and Amgen, and global consumer advertising stints at Saatchi & Saatchi and Leo Burnett.

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Notes & Methodology: Med Ad News 2022 Healthcare Communications Agencies Edition

To qualify for this annual report, agencies must have the capabilities to develop marketing strategies that target healthcare professionals (physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, etc.), and/or consumers, and/or patients, and/or stakeholders such as managed market payors. Marketing strategies include the capability to create and place advertisements.

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Bernardo Romero Joins Klick Health as ‘Maker’

Klick Health announced that 37-time Cannes Lions and 80-time Clio awards recipient Bernardo Romero joined the life sciences agency’s growing creative team as Maker—a role specially created around his desire to return to creating impactful campaigns and products that positively impact people’s health.


AbelsonTaylor: 2022

“What a year this is shaping up to be!” say leaders at AbelsonTaylor. “After last year’s amazing growth, we are still growing at a very healthy and more sustainable rate. In 2021, we saw a 15 percent growth in revenue, eight big new business wins, 15 creative awards, 10 percent staff growth, new leadership for our diversity, equity, and inclusion priorities, strong organic growth from existing clients, the launch of eight new campaigns, and – most exciting – the creation of a new opportunity agency, ATNutrient, within the AbelsonTaylor Group.”


AREA 23: 2022

“How does an agency like AREA 23 keep up the momentum it’s created through years of consistent growth and top creative honors, especially during the pandemic and so-called “great resignation”? AREA 23 President Renée Mellas offers a refreshing perspective: “We’re still winning, but not at the expense of losing. Five, 10 years ago, it was win at all costs, all about results. But we’ve come to realize that if we focus on our people and creating a great workplace for them to thrive in, the results will follow.” Adds Tim Hawkey, AREA 23 chief creative officer, “And boy have they followed. The people at AREA 23 stepped up and turned 2021 into the agency’s best year for growth, culture, and creativity in the last decade.”


Biolumina Group: 2022

Curiosity driven. Customer agnostic. Oncology focused. According to agency leaders, these are the three pillars supporting yet another year of unprecedented growth for Biolumina. “The agency continues to surpass itself with its strongest year ever in for new business wins, increased talent acquisition, internal promotions, and expanded offerings,” management says.


The Bloc: 2022

“The Bloc continued to drive growth and burnish our creative and industry leadership during Year 2 of the coronavirus pandemic,” agency leaders declare. Having passed the $50 million revenue mark for the first time in 2020, the agency drove $56.7 million in 2021 revenue while celebrating its 21st anniversary. The leadership team says, “While our success was sweet, our true inspiration continued to come from our community of Bloc’ers who weathered the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic.”


Calcium: 2022

“In 2021, as it has year after year, Calcium continued to demonstrate substantial growth and success,” agency managers say. Among many highlights, Calcium registered a near 30 percent increase in revenue, derived from both existing and new clients. The agency also onboarded more than 50 new employees, including many strategically important hires and fresh new talents and voices.


CDM New York: 2022

“Do our employees feel seen and cared for? Do our senior leaders lead with compassion? And have we, together, created space for a more heart-forward culture? These are the questions we’ve been reflecting on over the course of the past year,” says Kristen Gengaro, president of CDM. 2021 marked the first full year under the new leadership of CDM – starting with the orchestrated mid-2020 moves of Sharon Callahan, CEO of CDM, and Gengaro from sister Omnicom agency TBWA\WorldHealth. The early addition of creative powerhouses David Stemler as executive creative director and Bruno Brasileiro and Felipe Munhoz as executive VP, group creative directors, rounded out by the recent hire of Chris Barbee as chief strategy officer and the elevation of Katie Isaacs as managing partner have put CDM on a sharp trajectory of growth this year.