tug of war, money

Recent headlines are sounding alarm bells over the highest jump in healthcare costs in a decade. The impact has the potential to cause disruptions across key market access channels: employers, health plans, and pharmacy benefit managers.

road, path, street

How pharma companies can communicate effectively in today’s evolving marketplace and why it is the right time to embrace our humanity when engaging various stakeholders along the product, patient, and reimbursement/coverage journeys.

Leslie Isenegger, Real Chemistry

At the beginning of January, the FDA announced that it was authorizing Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration to import certain prescription drugs from Canada. Leslie Isenegger, practice leader, corporate pricing and public affairs at Real Chemistry, answers some key questions about the implications the program could have on the pharma industry.

Faruk Capan, EVERSANA

If you’re a student of history – or recently saw the popular movie “Oppenheimer”, you know just how pivotal of a figure J. Robert Oppenheimer is. He is forever linked to the development of one of the most powerful and dangerous creations in history – the atomic bomb. Drawing parallels to artificial intelligence, Faruk Capan of EVERSANA explains the ethical and societal impacts of the technology.

2024 Manny Awards

Leading pharmaceutical business and marketing publication Med Ad News has announced the MedAdvocate jury for the 2024 Manny Awards. The MedAdvocates are an unbiased panel of creative experts that analyzes the exceptional components of each finalist creative award campaign under consideration for a Manny Award.

Team, office

Given the need for Rebyota in the market, Ferring’s launch training strategy focused on high-engagement learning through a unique learning journey that empowered its commercial teams to appropriately educate providers on the product features, benefits, and applications. This article walks through how the company and its partners created an immersive product launch learning experience for the field team built upon an engaging and strategic curriculum and a user-friendly training and event platform.

Inizio Evoke

As one integrated platform, Inizio Evoke now delivers a more advanced offering and more intuitive experience for its clients and people.

Swoop, Real Chemistry

Building on its predictive AI adherence targeting launched in September 2023, Swoop’s new audiences allow healthcare marketers to target patients and providers prior to a diagnosis, those most likely to adopt a newly launched therapy or progress to a new line of treatment and those with ideal formulary coverage.

Roger Haskins, Peregrine Market Access

Haskins has amassed more than 30 years of agency experience as a creative leader in healthcare marketing.

Tim Jones, Klick Health

Jones returns to the UK to lead EMEA creative team, calling Klick ‘the agency to watch’.