For the 3rd year, three agencies – AbelsonTaylor, HCB Health, and Juice Pharma Worldwide – hosted an “Innovation in Healthcare” event at SXSW that featured the MIT Hacking Medicine team.

When it launched in February of 2015, Meerkat looked like it was going to be the hottest social application since Facebook. Two years later, Meerkat’s live-streaming platform is gone, taken down in the fall of 2016 after losing a battle for users with the similar (but Twitter-backed) platform Periscope. But although the players have changed, interest in live streaming has stuck around – and in some cases, grown quickly as users see the possibilities for it and existing social platforms begin adding it to their arsenal of features.

Three healthcare advertising agencies came together at South By Southwest to create a wide new range of possibilities for the ever-growing Health and MedTech Track.

Although SXSW 2016 lacked a major platform launch, it did further the tech discussion in key areas.