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How pharma companies can communicate effectively in today’s evolving marketplace and why it is the right time to embrace our humanity when engaging various stakeholders along the product, patient, and reimbursement/coverage journeys.

Part V: Cost pressures, increasing value while improving health outcomes, and leveraging real-world evidence are top of mind.

This first-to-market technology gives patient service teams nearly immediate insight into patient coverage from both pharmacy and major medical plans, the potential need for prior authorization support, and any financial responsibilities impacting patient access and speed to treatment.

the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) released findings from a digital health industry needs assessment to identify 1) the drivers of successful digital health product development and adoption, and 2) the regulatory policy needed to facilitate these drivers.

Although the bulk of gene therapy research is still focused on rare disease, recent launches show that certain chronic conditions could be successfully treated with this technology.

There’s no shortage of information dedicated to reconciling the rewards and risks of cell and gene therapies, and how payers and employers can best provide access to potentially transformative treatments while factoring in price and affordability. We believe that the classical game theory paradox, the “prisoner’s dilemma,” may provide useful insights in helping the various stakeholders develop solutions for how best to cover CGTs.

As oncology drugs receive accelerated approvals, payers are questioning whether the benefits of these products outweigh the cost, spurring manufacturers to explore value-based agreements.

As early as 2023, pharmaceutical manufacturers and payers will have to contend with one of the more imminent potential impacts of the law: inflationary rebates for Medicare utilization.

For emerging manufacturers, listing through all the steps of a launch plan can be intimidating, so hearing that medical affairs and communications needs to be integrated from the beginning can feel like one more thing is being added to the overflowing to-do list of an understaffed team.

Clarify Health, a leading cloud analytics and value-based payments platform company, and Datavant, the leader in helping organizations securely connect health data, today announced an expanded collaboration to enable life sciences companies to connect their proprietary, first-party data in Clarify’s AI-powered Atlas analytics platform to improve clinical development and commercial operations.