Twitter Inc. has rolled back a policy that was aimed at tackling misinformation related to COVID-19 on the social media platform, lending itself to the risk of a potential surge in false claims even as cases rise in China and some parts of the world.

By “cordless,” I mean the growing number of consumers who have abandoned broadcast or cable TV and rely solely on streaming services for their video content.

Evofem’s bold campaign surrounding the first hormone-free contraception gel for women helped the company bring home leading industry awards and elevated Phexxi to the top prescription brand in the 2022 OCI. Katherine Atkinson, chief commercial officer at Evofem Biosciences, walked Med Ad Newsthrough the company’s conceptual journey of the campaign and what it meant to give women more control over their bodies – and their sexual and reproductive health.

Arising out of Calcium’s DEI initiatives, the agency has launched the “I DON’T HAVE A BOX” campaign to drive awareness of the “race box” used in health data collection and its shortcomings in capturing true racial and ethnic diversity.

Cooking chicken in cough medicine NyQuil is not only silly and unappetizing but can also be very unsafe, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said, following the “sleepy chicken” TikTok challenge.

The greatest power of the new marketing technologies available to pharma brands may be their capacity to bring the beliefs and questions of real patients and HCPs into sharper view.

The program celebrates creative excellence in the highly specialized fields of health and wellness.

Social media influencers became de rigueur in consumer marketing almost as quickly as they became a public phenomenon in the first place. All sorts of well-known brands have jumped on the bandwagon: Sprint, Lagavulin, Old Navy, Fiji Water, pretty much any clothing or beauty brand, on and on. If a consumer brand isn’t partnering with someone on Twitter or Instagram, they might seem to the average civilian, or at least the average teen, a bit out of date. 

Of course, we can’t do that sort of thing in staid, slow-to-adapt pharma. Can we?

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