How creatives can partner with their clients, the pharmaceutical companies, and encourage them to be fearless when it comes to building the inspiration for communicating and advertising.

Creativity is resourcefulness. Creativity is understanding different perspectives and possibilities. It’s touching the outside influences.

How do you inspire teams to keep learning? In healthcare and wellness, how can we apply learnings from one initiative to another?

A discussion about the buzz around artificial intelligence in the healthcare advertising space and why humans will always have the leg up when it comes to creativity.

In an industry with very narrow parameters, there’s still always an opportunity to be creative.

ConcentricLife Co-founder and President Jennifer Brekke and TBWA\WorldHealth CEO Robin Shapiro share the experiences that helped them reach the leadership roles that they are in today, the importance of relationships, and setting boundaries in your career and in being a working parent.

ConcentricLife co-founders Ken Begasse, Jr. and Jennifer Brekke share their thoughts on the characteristics that a great leader possesses, what makes agencies successful, and how to be effective agency partners.

How can we bring a spirit of invention to our everyday work and ensure that we are on the cutting edge of industry innovation?

At the 34th Annual Manny Awards, SMEs discussed the growing role of the wellness industry and how it fits into the larger healthcare and pharma space.

ConcentricLife Founder and CEO Ken Begasse, Jr. discusses the inspiration and motivation that drives entrepreneurs with Elevate Healthcare Managing Partners Frank Powers and Lorna Weir, and Calcium CEO Judy Capano.