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Steve Millerman, general manager at Fingerpaint Multicultural explains just what “multicultural marketing” means and some of the important terms that fall under it, such as health equity, social determinants of health, and diversity.

Artificial intelligence is well beyond a buzz word. Agencies can’t talk the talk anymore; they need to understand how the technology can apply across their entire business.

In an interview with Med Ad News, Leo Tarkovsky, chief commercial officer at Fingerpaint Group discusses the transformation in what clients want and need with respect to their partners, along with the evolving expectations of healthcare companies.

Fingerpaint Marketing is on an impressive course of growth. Mark Willmann, president of marketing services at Fingerpaint Group, talks to Med Ad News about the agency’s growth trajectory and how their mantra has been the foundation for their success.

Brannon Cashion, president of specialty services at Fingerpaint Group, shares with Med Ad News how intentional integration and collaboration are key factors in building a successful organization, along with the role that market access and medical communications play.

Global President of Fingerpaint Group Bill McEllen speaks with Med Ad News about how the agency’s entrepreneurial spirit and its passionate people foster a culture that inspires creativity, and more.

Most of us engage with social media at least once day. I am being pretty conservative as I write that statement. On a global scale, a person spends an average of 2.25 hours a day on social media. And for those of us who work in media or healthcare communications, we are on and off social media all day, pretty much every day. On this professional scale, we use social media to educate and engage with our audience. 

How creatives can partner with their clients, the pharmaceutical companies, and encourage them to be fearless when it comes to building the inspiration for communicating and advertising.

Creativity is resourcefulness. Creativity is understanding different perspectives and possibilities. It’s touching the outside influences.

How do you inspire teams to keep learning? In healthcare and wellness, how can we apply learnings from one initiative to another?