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The FDA’s final rule for Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Prescription Drug Advertisements became effective on May 20, implementing the statutory requirement that DTC advertisements for prescription drugs (Rx) in television or radio format must present the “major statement” on the drug’s most important risks, in a “clear, conspicuous, and neutral” manner.

Leading pharmaceutical business and marketing publication Med Ad News has announced the MedAdvocate jury for the 2024 Manny Awards. The MedAdvocates are an unbiased panel of creative experts that analyzes the exceptional components of each finalist creative award campaign under consideration for a Manny Award.

2023 was a year of many ups and downs. Pharmaceutical advertising is now the number two advertising category in the United States, but with that, the need for brands to stand out has never been greater.

 The acquisition solidifies Spectrum’s growing work in promotional engagement and advertising, and formally establishes Spectrum’s strategic advertising and consulting pillar, leveraging CrowdPharm’s disruptive delivery model to help clients meet today’s marketing challenges with more impact and efficiency.

The campaign, “You Can Focus on the Things You’re Loving,” empowers patients by arming them with the information they need to understand the treatment options for chronic lymphocytic leukemia so they can focus on the activities that they enjoy.

We see pharma marketers turn to television and digital, but how can they make sure ads are seen, targeted to relevant audiences, and actually driving results?

Diaz will support the Chief Creative Officers across VMLY&R Health’s offices around the world to establish a global standard for health craft.

How creatives can partner with their clients, the pharmaceutical companies, and encourage them to be fearless when it comes to building the inspiration for communicating and advertising.

A discussion about the buzz around artificial intelligence in the healthcare advertising space and why humans will always have the leg up when it comes to creativity.