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A U.S. appeals court upheld the dismissal of a lawsuit by a conservative group opposed to diversity initiatives in medicine that challenged a Pfizer fellowship program designed to boost the pipeline of Black, Latino, and Native American people leadership positions at the drugmaker.

A report back on ASH 2023, where innovation was on show everywhere.

Part II: Agencies are striving to make inclusion and representation a priority at their organizations as well as when working with clients.

Clinical trials continue to experience a paucity of diversity, but it will take a multipronged approach to infuse DEI into research.

The importance of diversity in clinical research has gained significant recognition, driven by its potential to reduce healthcare disparities, enhance patient outcomes, enrich medical education, and broaden research methodologies. However, consistent underrepresentation of racial and ethnic minorities in clinical trials poses a barrier to the generalizability of research findings.

The talent and tenacity of immigrants can help drive the life sciences industry into the future, if we have the will and wisdom to encourage it.

Through its collaboration with the Oracle Cerner LHN, Syneos Health’s objective is to improve performance throughout the entire clinical trial lifecycle, with a strong emphasis on clinical trial enrollment to help close diversity gaps in patient recruitment.

The newly created role demonstrates commitment to improve diversity in clinical trials and commercialization across organization.

Wow, this headline is ironic. I wrote it March 27, 2023. I took the photo March 29, 2023. After successfully ducking the ’vid for three years, the ’vid found me. 

The partnership will allow Real Chemistry to source imagery captured through the lens of creatives and people of color that is authentic and culturally relevant.