Repertoire Immune Medicines officially launched following the merger of two complementary Flagship Pioneering companies, Torque Therapeutics and Cogen Immune Medicines. The new company is focused on tapping into the powers of the immune system to address numerous diseases.

CURE Pharmaceutical, an innovative drug delivery and development company, signed an exclusive licensing agreement with ReLeaf Europe, one of Europe’s leading pharmaceutical groups specialized in medicinal cannabis products.

In drug development, assets are often aimed at a specific disease target or pathway, similar to a bullet fired from a gun. The idea of going after one precise target though, may not be the best solution for treating the totality of diseases, though. What may be more effective in the long run, is hitting a disease along multiple target lines. That is the idea at Cambridge, Mass.-based Immuneering.

McCann Health Japan launched an innovative new app that turns an ordinary train commute into an opportunity for health and wellness.

As the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference entered the final day for 2020, a few topics rose to the top as trending, including the relative lack of big deals.

As the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference continues to roll on with companies showcasing their pipelines and business plans, negative reports about the host city San Francisco have been made.

CredSimple, the leading cloud-based healthcare credential verification organization, announced the acquisition of Glenridge Health, a premier technology-enabled provider network management solutions company.

EVERSANA and Noom announced a collaboration to increase medication adherence and improve health outcomes for the millions of patients suffering from chronic conditions and rare diseases worldwide.

Gilead Sciences Inc. will access Xencor Inc.’s Xtend extended half-life and Cytotoxic XmAb Fc technologies for developing and commercializing GS-9722, Gilead’s first-in-class effector-enhanced broadly neutralizing anti-HIV antibody.

PhoreMost entered into a multi-project drug discovery collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim to develop innovative therapies for diseases with unsatisfactory treatments.