Fully integrated biopharmaceutical solutions organization Syneos Health announced the acquisition of StudyKIK, a leading technology-enabled clinical trial recruitment and retention company.

PharmaLive talked to Milan Kalawadia – Senior Vice President, Head of US Commercial Operations for Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories – about facing challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic; obstacles going forward for generic drug companies; customer relationships; and other industry-related topics.

CrowdPharm, an independent full-service agency with one of healthcare’s largest networks of global talent, announced a strategic partnership with True Media to provide integrated, data-driven media strategy that influences customer behavior.

One important step in developing online customer experiences is making sure that all customers – including those with disabilities – can experience them.

What is modern marketing in pharma? Hold up. Before even asking that question, we need to answer another. What is a modern customer?

Leading DevOps platform Copado announced automated tools for configuration, deployment and integration of Veeva CRM, which will help customers drive digital transformation with speed, quality and value.

Much of the conversation at CES 2021 had to do with the emergence of “digital leaders” and “digital laggards” and what an organization finding itself behind the digital transformation curve can do to pull forward.  

Many brands have yet to catch up to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), for digital inclusion and accessibility for all users.

Walmart Inc. said the company would run a pilot project to deliver self-collection test kits for coronavirus through automated drones at customers’ doorsteps.

With 270 million Americans currently under a “stay at home” directive, only activities deemed “essential” are happening in person. In healthcare, which relies significantly on personal connections – between patients and HCPs, HCPs and pharma reps, and even marketers and their teams – there have been dramatic shifts in the way we all work and operate over the last couple of weeks.