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Transitioning to risk-based monitoring: opportunities and challenges

Adoption of a risk-based monitoring (RBM) approach can help enhance the safety, quality, and efficiency of clinical studies while simultaneously supporting compliance.

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Act, or be acted upon

Whatever the final outcome of pharma’s legal fight over HHS’ price transparency rule for DTC TV, the broader challenge of providing transparency to customers who are demanding it is not going away.

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Novartis teams with interior designer to help wet AMD patients

Novartis has teamed up with celebrity interior designer Nate Berkus to launch My Home in Sight, a program that aims to raise awareness of the daily impact of wet age-related macular degeneration and empower those living with wet AMD and their caregivers to make simple, functional changes to support safety and independence at home.

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Sales & Marketing: Facts and Figures

Hospitals are continuing to charge, on average, five times their cost for medicines, according to a study by The Moran Company commissioned by PhRMA.

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Blend ‘fluid’ territory alignment with ‘frozen’ one to create ‘Goldilocks’ compensation plan for sales reps

Paying field sales representatives is harder than it sounds. Companies need to rigorously analyze data and thoughtfully develop payout structures that help sales reps maximize earning potential and sales results. If a company’s compensation plan fails to properly motivate or adequately reward sales reps, they may underperform or move to a competitor.

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Sales & Marketing: Dialogues concerning natural … pricing?

Three pharma philosophers discuss their industry’s most complex and controversial topic.

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Five Brain Rules for Engaging Marketing and Education

What if we could look inside the minds of HCPs to see what is happening there during industry events and interactions?

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Three drug-pricing controls emerge in U.S. market

As drug prices fall under increased scrutiny, payers and regulators are targeting some key initiatives that could change the dynamic of pharmacy benefit management over the next 12 months. These emerging trends point to potentially rougher terrain for drugmakers looking to increase market share as payers take a more active role in enforcing formularies.

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True customer centricity still a ways off: Prophet study

Healthcare providers, payers, and pharma companies are not making significant strides toward consumer centricity despite increasing demands and competition for healthcare dollars, according to new research by the global brand and marketing consultancy Prophet.

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Med Ad News spoke with the authors of Prophet’s study of customer centricity in health care to find out more about their research and recommendations

Med Ad News spoke with the authors of Prophet’s study of customer centricity in health care to find out more about their research and recommendations.

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