Severe obesity may weaken the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines in those who have never been infected with the coronavirus, according to a small Turkish study. Additionally, South African researchers have found infection with the Omicron variant of the coronavirus can significantly improve the immune system’s ability to protect against other variants, but only in people who have been vaccinated.

Eli Lilly had a lucrative first-quarter 2022, with revenue growth rising 15 percent driven by sales of the company’s diabetes drug Trulicity and its COVID-19 antibodies.

A new study from France counters conventional understandings regarding artificial sweeteners and their relationship with cancer.

Novo Nordisk flag

Novo Nordisk more than doubled the Danish drugmaker’s target for sales of obesity medicines by 2025 after overwhelming demand for the company’s new Wegovy product.

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen – The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences found that activating a specialized group of neurons within the brainstem of mice restored full movement function in mice with symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Rivus Pharmaceuticals, a biopharma company focused on therapies for cardiometabolic health, announced positive data from a Phase IIa clinical trial.

Gaithersburg, Maryland-based Altimmune announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration cleared a Phase II clinical trial for the biopharmaceutical company’s investigational obesity-treating drug pemvidutide.

Eli Lilly forged a multi-year collaborative partnership with China-based Regor Therapeutics Group to discover and develop new therapies for metabolic disorders.

Scientists from the University of Virginia revealed the discovery of 17 total genes directly implicated in the development of obesity, an important breakthrough as the Covid-19 pandemic has escalated this persistent and often-overlooked crisis.

AREA 23 (an IPG Health company) launched the multi-platform campaign “Lil Sugar” in collaboration with global non-profit organization Hip Hop Public Health to raise awareness about the hidden sugars in many foods.